About me

Growing up in a small town of Midhurst, Ontario, I started my athletic career playing on teams for every sport imaginable. I started playing football at the University of Guelph while obtaining my undergraduate of human kinetics. Football didn’t last long, and I wanted to experience every element of human performance myself before I got into my professional career. This took me to bodybuilding, then to marathon running where I had a personal best of 3:24.

During this time, I became the head strength and conditioning coach for the KW Titans, a professional basketball team in Canada. Despite landing what I thought to be a dream job, I was left wanting to leave more of an impact on the people I worked with.

This took me to Sydney, Australia where I pursued my masters in Exercise Physiology. During my 4 and a half year stint overseas, I found a strength gym and started powerlifting an within six months I won the national championship.

Powerlifting transitioned to strongman, and the rest is history. Holding the titles of 2021 ACT Strongest Man and 2021 NSW Strongest Man, boasting a 475kg deadlift and a 670kg Static Monsters total I somehow managed to sneak my way into the Worlds Strongest Man 2022 and has the following results through 2022:

8th – 2022 World’s Strongest Man
2nd – 2022 Giants Live Strongman Classic
2nd – 2022 Giants Live World Open
3rd – 2022 Shaw Classic
1st – 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic UK
1st – 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals
3rd – 2022 Rogue Invitational
1st – 2023 Australia’s Strongest International
1st – 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic
1st – 2023 World’s Strongest Man

Today, I split my time between spending time with my wife Ashley, our golden retriever Murphy and our standard schnauzer Lacy, a Kinesiology Clinic I opened in my hometown of Barrie Ontario, coaching and mentoring with Team Moose, and training for my next competition.