Learn to get strong with the Worlds Strongest Man!

  • 12 week individualized program
  • Weekly meetings* run by 2023 Worlds Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper
  • Private communication channel with Mitchell and the Team
  • Weekly video reviews*
  • Weekly Q+A*

If you want to get STRONG, you’ve found the place.

Join the team and you’ll be invited to our private communication channel

*all meetings, reviews and Q+A are recorded and accessible in a dropbox

$35 per week (12 weeks)


  • Coaching by the Worlds Strongest Man and Physical Therapist Mitchell Hooper
  • 12 week customizable program with options for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days of training
  • Weekly one hour online meetings with Mitchell Hooper with video reviews
  • Private communication channels with Mitchell and the team
  • Guaranteed results to get you stronger!
  • Weekly Q&A sessions


Will Mitchell actually write and run the program?
Yes! You will actually be trained by the Worlds Strongest Man. You’ll have interaction on a weekly basis, he puts together the programs and all the education and you can ask him any questions about the program during the team calls

Does Mitchell have credentials outside being the Worlds Strongest Man?
Mitchell has an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics and a masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and he owns an exercise physiology clinic helping people recover from injury and exercise under a variety of unique circumstances.

How do the team calls work?

After a quick hello to the team and sharing some wins and challenges of the week, Mitchell will cover the weekly topic through a slideshow. After the slideshow, the floor is open to you to ask any question you’d like about the topic. After all questions about the topic are covered, Mitchell will go through video reviews, finishing up with questions regarding anything else around strength, health, fitness, recovery, etc

Can I get videos reviewed?
Yes! We have a private communication software where you will post your videos and they will be reviewed weekly! You’ll also have the benefit of hearing the feedback to all other members who send videos, so we can learn from each other as well!
What time are the team calls? Team call times will be voted on by the group, but they are always at a reasonable time for participants in the UK, USA and Australasia.

If I can’t join the team calls, what do I do?
All team calls are recorded! We know life gets in the way, so we wanted to build a platform where you don’t need to have perfect attendance to get the most benefit from the program.

Is the program individualized?
The program is customizable, meaning that it will have numbers tailored to your capability but it is not individualized. This is how you can be trained by the World’s Strongest Man for only $35/week!

Is there a nutrition component to the program?
While there are not nutrition plans, Mitchell has a 12 week nutrition education program for only $49.99 that will point you in the right direction. And during the team calls, you are free to ask any questions about nutrition that you’d like!

Are there any other benefits we get by joining the program?
Aside from a GUARANTEED increase in strength and the knowledge of how to take that forward, you will also get discounts on all Team Moose and LHBK merchandise.

Do I get any 1 on 1 interaction with Mitchell?
All interactions will be on the team calls, so you can have 1 on 1 conversations with Mitchell during any call. If you have an individual issue that you would like a private conversation, there is the ability to do that by lining up a virtual appointment at the clinic.

What experience with gyms or access to a gym will I need?
I have designed this program to be fit for all. Whether you are a newcomer to the gym, or an experienced trainee, whether you have a full gym or “train at a home” gym,

If I have questions, how can I get them answered?
Non urgent questions can be answered during team calls. Urgent questions can be directed to