This is the exact program I used to deadlift 475kg at under 140kg bodyweight.

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As someone who has pulled 475kg, I know what it takes to get your deadlift to the next level. Combined with my masters degree in physiology, undergraduate in human kinetics, many years as a strength and conditioning coach and experience as a physical therapist, this is going to teach you how to lift bigger weights efficiently and how to do it safely.

In our first run of the 12 week program with 35 participants, this deadlift program increased saw an average increase of 22%! You’re not only going to get the program, you’re going to get weekly breakdowns of where your feet should be, where your knees should be, how your torso should be angled and you can follow the program along with that. The real value comes with learning how many intricacies go into simply picking the bar off the ground.


  • Same program I used to deadlift 475KG
  • Weekly education
  • Customizable program
  • 12 weeks of strength sport education
  • Average 22% increase in your deadlift
  • Head to toe technique breakdown
  • Participants gain an average of 21% on their deadlift over 12 weeks


  • Al, Manitoba

    I’ve tried everything to improve my deadlift, but I’ve never seen someone cue like Mitch has in this program. Im up to 250kg (from 240kg) and I have 3 weeks left! Can’t wait to see where I can push it.
  • Rakel, Poland

    I loved that I was able to incorporate my suit in the second block of the program! Funny enough, I hit an overhead press PB as well. Thanks Moose.
  • Vanessa, New Hampshire

    I had no idea how many things I could improve before reading through the deadlift instructions. I’m halfway through the program and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of improving my technique.
  • Joe, West Virginia

    Not quite a 20% improvement, but I FINALLY hit a 200kg deadlift, thanks to this program. I made my feet narrower to get more power off the floor, like Mitch suggested, and it worked like a charm!
  • Quinn, Nevada

    I hurt my back deadlifting last year and struggled with the confidence to lift heavy. Working on the bracing that Mitch wrote about has helped me immensely!


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