This program will provide the tools to help you peak for your next powerlifting competition.

$ 69.99

$ 49.99

Powerlifting is truly the base of a lot of what we do as Strongmen. The biggest benefit of focusing on the big 3 is that you can take advantage of this program in a commercial gym. All you need is a barbells, dumbbells, a squat rack and you’re good to go. Like with other programs, you’re not only going to get the program itself, you’re also going to get a PDF information about performing the bench press, deadlift and squat safely and effectively. You’ll also learn why the program works the way it does and what kind of results you can anticipate. This will teach you how to fish for years to come.

Program includes

  • Weekly education on powerlifting movements
  • Increased bench press
  • Increased squat
  • Increased deadlift
  • Improved overhead press strength
  • Weekly education on your compound lifts


  • Wyatt, Illinois

    This killed me, in the best way possible. Its not easy, but it works. 65lbs PB and I’m far from a new lifter (53 years old, competing for 16 years).
  • Katie, New Hampshire

    Probably the most complete hands off coaching I’ve ever seen. This is the 4th program I’ve run with different online coaches and I didn’t realize how much information was going to come with the program. It’s a lot to read, but great to have all the info sitting there for when I need it.
  • Lisa, Australia

    Im a novice lifter and didn’t really know where to start. This has given awesome direction for technique and progressions. Was great to be given the numbers I should be hitting each week.
  • Ryan, Michigan

    80lbs total PB at my last comp! I was sceptical, but this paid off. 10/10
  • Patricia, Ontario

    I can’t afford a coach, but I can’t imagine a coach giving me much more than this. I feel like my technique has improved and my numbers keep going up.
  • Veronique, Powerlifter, Canada

    “"I have been working with Mitchell for over a year, and have nothing but good things to say about his coaching. A lot goes into selecting a Coach for me and Mitchell ticks all the boxes. Since working together he has helped me compete at a World Championship level competition, and I am a completely different athlete thanks to him, mentally and physically. "”
  • Connor, Powerlifter, Canada

    “"I've had a rough time with small tweaks and injuries the past year and a half and it seemed like I was always nursing something back to health so I could continue lifting. After meeting Mitchell and jumping on his program it took just 2 weeks to get my back in working order which at the time seemed almost impossible. Since then I haven't nursed anything longer than a week and my lifts are absolutely outstanding compared to only 6 months ago. If there's a question, he has the answer and solution. Could not begin to think where I would be without his guidance."”


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Deadlift peak

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