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Coaching Programs 

When I entered the strength world, I noticed the haphazard nature of a lot of the technical advice and exercise programming. My big passion when putting out a program is to teach you how to continue making progress while smashing PB’s.


By combining my experience as a head strength and conditioning coach, my work as a physical therapist and my experience as one of the best strongmen on the planet I can promise you one thing:


You will not find a better online program to gain strength, knowledge and experience.

Deadlift Peaking Program 

This is the exact program I used to deadlift 475kg at under 140kg bodyweight. It is based in science, promotes progressive overload over all else, and teaches you the biomechanics of deadlifting correctly in the eBook that follows. 

RAH DL.jpg

Strongman Offseason Program 

The Offseason is a time to work on your weaknesses and this program will help you build a bigger base and increase your fitness. The accompanying eBook breaks down the purpose of an offseason and tips on how you can make the most of it.  

Stone carry.jpg

Powerlifting Peak Program  

This program will provide the tools to help you peak for your next powerlifting competition.  The accompanying eBook breaks down each of the lifts and provides tips to performance at your best on compeititon day. 

Nutrition eBook 

In this eBook I provide an overview of nutrition and how it relates to performance so you can understand why you are doing what you are.  I also share practical takeaways you can implement to improve your nutrition. 

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