Hi, I’m Mitchell Hooper.

I’m the 2023 Worlds Strongest Man with a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the University of Sydney and a Bachelors in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph. I am certified strength and conditioning specialist and one of the top Strongmen in the world. From competing to coaching to educating, everything I do is backed by the strongest scientific evidence available and that’s how I’ve gotten where I am as a coach and as an athlete.

More importantly, I’m a husband, a dad, a dog dad, and an entrepreneur. My mission is to help people improve their strength, train pain free, educate on biomechanics, recovery, strength and conditioning. All of this in the name of setting others up for long-term success, regular training and long-term health.



Train with me as I prepare for upcoming competitions. Register your interest below for upcoming 12-week coaching programs.

Each group coaching includes:

  • Customizable program
  • Weekly educational webinars with me and the team
  • Feedback on lifting technique
  • Access to Team Moose chat group

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    • Al, Manitoba

      I’ve tried everything to improve my deadlift, but I’ve never seen someone cue like Mitch has in this program. Im up to 250kg (from 240kg) and I have 3 weeks left! Can’t wait to see where I can push it.
    • Rakel, Poland

      I loved that I was able to incorporate my suit in the second block of the program! Funny enough, I hit an overhead press PB as well. Thanks Moose.
    • Vanessa, New Hampshire

      I had no idea how many things I could improve before reading through the deadlift instructions. I’m halfway through the program and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of improving my technique.