This new 12 week muscle building program takes you through the education basics of how to gain and maintain your muscle mass. If you’re looking for tips with diet and exercise to get you bigger and stronger, this program is for you.

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In this program, you will get bigger and stronger if you follow the exercises and advice. The simple science of calories in and calories out will always reign true, but the conversation doesn’t stop there. How do you eat when you’re not hungry? How do you maximize training without burning so much energy that you can’t gain weight? The answers are here.

As a former 220 pound marathon runner turned 320 pound World’s Strongest Man, I have had my fair share of experiences with the trials and tribulations of putting on useful mass. Enclosed are all of my tips and tricks relating to diet and exercise to get you where you want to go – a bigger, stronger version of yourself.

– Mitchell


  • 12 week customizable program
  • Education on diet, training and recovery to put on quality muscle
  • Training program designed to increase muscle, size and strength
  • How to improve fitness while gaining weight


Powerlifting peaking

This program will provide the tools to help you peak for your next powerlifting competition.

Powerlifting peaking

Deadlift peak

This is the exact program I used to deadlift 475kg at under 140kg bodyweight

Deadlift peak